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MISSION: To help all children and teens from co-parenting and stepfamily households enter their classrooms and homework environments ready to learn and meet their full adult potential. We support them by supporting their co-parenting moms, dads, step-parents and grandparents in non-traditional ways. This includes, but is not limited to, the arts, facilitating the creation of shared family memories, to inspire hope and to build trust through shared parenting management and stepfamily assimilation mapping - SAM Planning, research and education to lower the risk of abusive behaviors/subsequent divorce, and to serve as a gateway to other prospective children and family services.

It is estimated that one out of every 10 children will experience two divorces of the custodial parent before he or she turns 16 (Furstenberg, 1988).

A new reality drama series is here:

 Enjoy A Richter Blend, Shared-Parenting & Stepfamily Chronicles,

our unique brand of support with its entertaining twist!



COMPANY OVERVIEWOffering its first specialty series in 1990 as Stepping In for Successful Blended Family Living in San Bernardino Co, CA, StepfamilySystems.com reaches men and women generally between the ages of 20 - 55 in all stages of parenting children whose parents are in two households.    We offer a unique brand of non-traditional support to divorced or remarried moms, dads, and stepparents through story-telling, laced with insights and tips to succeed in our true-to-life A Richter Blend series on-line and specialty, mediation-based and non-traditional services in Blended Family Home Living..
    Our signature difference
Our inspiring support through story-telling, laced with stepfamily insights and co-parenting tips in A RIchter Blend - Shared Parenting and Stepfamily Chronicles, and group planning advantage  through SAM Planning on-line sets us apart from others.

Providing keys to unlock the hidden treasures found in the process of creating a new family identity