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Newspapers live a week and magazines can circulate for months or a couple years, but cookbooks last for generations! How would you like to see an old or new family recipe and your family name or business name in print, possibly in two publications?
      Why a cookbook? They not only last for generations, but many of our most wonderful memories are the scents and aromas of our home kitchen or favorite dining place. Memories serve as anchors when traveling stormy co-parenting or stepfamily seas. If your recipes and tips/service synopsis is chosen for the cookbook, there is a good chance you will see it written into the A Richter Blend - Co-parenting & Stepfamily Chronicles series, too! 
      The true-to-life stories of our characters are set in the coastal hills town of Port Hills. Most scenes with our mysterious and beloved wise character, Delrose Hazelwood, take place in her kitchen. Many other scenes with Sterling, Macy, Grey, Vera and John take place in the Port Hills Chateau, a fine dining experience for prom dates, special occasions, naughty secret dates, and business meetings. Your recipe & stepfamily or co-parenting tip could be in that scene or one around the family table at Thanksgiving!
      Your recipes, or those of your family & children's organization can be captured for years to come! To participate, send me your Email address. The publisher will follow up with directions for your cookbook submission! Easy and meaningful! 
Recipe Contributors will be listed by family, business, or dining establishment name. Real submissions & their shared insights/tips below:
Susan Honaker Olsen     
   This recipe is special to me because it's one that my own stepmom made for our family.  My stepmom and I had a roller coaster relationship.  Before she was my stepmom, she was a neighbor and long-time family friend.  I felt betrayed when I found out she was part of my parents split so I wasn't very nice to her for many years.  Despite my cold attitude towards her she was always warm and welcoming when I was in her home.  She invited me to every family gathering and really showed me what the high-road looked like.  I didn't know it at the time, but she set the example for me for later when I became a stepmom myself.  Because of my stepmom, I had a role model for how to behave towards difficult stepchildren.  My stepmom passed away in 2007, but her memory lives on through me and the way I take her example to keep the peace for my own stepchildren.  This recipe is not only quick and easy to make, it is also one of my personal favorites to devour and my co-workers demand I make it every time we have a potluck.
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
By Micki Honaker, tradition carried on by Susan Honaker Olsen
2-3 chicken breast, cooked and diced
The whites of 1 bunch of green onions, finely chopped
2 10oz cans of cream of chicken soup
1 4oz can of mild chopped green chilies
1 8oz container of sour cream16 oz of cheddar cheese, shredded
16 flour tortillas 
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a large pot put the chicken, green onions, cream of chicken soup, green chilies, and sour cream and heat and stir to a simmer.  Warm the tortillas. In each tortilla spoon about two tablespoons of the warm creamy mixture and a large pinch of cheddar cheese.  Roll and place in the dish tightly against each other.  12 filled tortillas should fit length-wise and 4 more should fit tightly along the side.  Sprinkle the remaining cheese on the top. Cook at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. 
You may make ahead and refrigerate, add 5-10 minutes cooking time if it is cold.  If you freeze, thaw overnight in the fridge before cooking.  This recipe makes great left-overs, potluck or as a meal to a friend in need, too! 
Tips:  1) For quicker prep time use pre-cooked, frozen chicken breast, or any left over chicken.  Sometimes I use a rotisserie chicken. 2) Use 10 oz of cheese for less calories, or if you prefer less cheese.3) Do not cook more than 20 minutes or the tortillas will get stiff and will be less appetizing.
   A good side-dish with the Creamy Chicken Enchiladas recipe is another family favorite - shared with me by my best friend of 30 years whose Portuguese family has used for years.  My best friend has supported me through all the ups and downs my blended family has been through - without her I might not have survived.     
   I usually start sauteing the onions, garlic and rice while the creamy chicken mixture is being heated on the stove so I am able to place the lid on for cook time while my enchiladas are in the oven and then serve as a side dish.
Mom's Mexican Rice
By Denise Garrett Mommsen, tradition carried on by Susan Honaker Olsen 
One small-medium whole white onion, chopped1
1/2 T. fresh or jarred minced garlic
1 C. long grain white rice2 T. chicken bouillon
1 large sprig of fresh cilantroA splash of olive oil
2 C. water 
In a saucepan, splash some olive oil then add one whole white onion-chopped and the garlic.  Saute until the onions are clear.  Add the rice and saute until the rice is clear.  Add two cups of water and turn heat down to medium. Add the chicken bouillon and stir until dissolved. Chop the large sprig of cilantro into medium pieces (approx 4" long) and place on top of the rice/water mixture - do not stir in. Cover and simmer on medium heat for 20 minutes (DO NOT lift the lid...turns out best that way).
Susan is an encouraging stepmom connection on StepfamilySystems' Tricia Powe's Facebook page, among others including ... 
HOPE, Cleo & Bob, Whittier, CA  
   After Cleo's first husband died, she met and married Bob, 11 years her junior. During our discussions about stepfamily life, Bob said it was a pleasure to be "poppa" to Doyle and "Bob" to Vic. Really, we concluded the name or the title didn't matter - just the relationship. With each passing year he loved his favorite gal more dearly. Cleo, also known as Pat, developed Alzheimer's Disease and Bob loved her to the very last breath he drew. He preceeded her in death, dying of a broken heart he said, one year following triple by-pass surgery in 2000. 
   They raised the two sons and a daughter they adopted at the age of five. That daughter was Tricia Powe, Founder & President of StepfamilySystems.com after her birth stepfamily dissolved. Doyle and Tricia each had families in-step of their own. Bob and Cleo said their family in-step worked because in their house, there were no "steps" - only family.
Best Ever Carrot Cake:
Preheat oven to 350*. Grease and lightly flour 13 X 9 pan.  
2 c flour, 2 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp salt. Sift together, set aside.
In large bowl, beat 3 eggs, add: 1/4 c vegetable oil, 3/4 c buttermilk, 2 c sugar, 2 tsp vanilla. Beat well.
Add flour mixture, 8 oz. crushed pineapple, 2 c grated carrots, 3 1/2 oz. shredded coconut, 1 c nuts of choice. Stir well.
Pour into baking dish & bake 55 to 60 minutes.
Meanwhile, blend Buttermilk Glaze: 1 c sugar, 1/2 tsp soda, 1/2 c buttermilk, 1/4 lb butter, 1 TB cornsyrup, 1 tsp vanilla . Pour over warm (not hot) cake and enjoy.
NOTICE:  We are accepting recipe submissions June through September, 2010, from parents, stepparents, grandparents, adult children of divorce/remarriage, entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations. Cookbooks make great gifts and contents are passed down generation to generation. Available this November. StepfamilySystems.com is a second year member of the Nonprofit Resource Center in Riverside, CA, and has initiated the process of acquiring its non-profit status. All donations accompanying submissions receive a mailed or e-receipt after processing.