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Contact: Tricia Powe (951) 313-1984
Nominations for StepfamilySystems Hall of Heroes 
Riverside, Calif. July 24, 2011.  The quality of the support we receive during challenging times can be the difference in the outcome of any given situation. Ultimately, choices belong to the decision maker, but the support resources he or she chooses can heavily sway his or her belief systems. In an era when life coaching has become the new Ritalin for obtaining a better focus, the president of a co-parenting and stepfamily services organization believes recognizing support and service providers who have been nominated for their good work is essential for the welfare of others. 
To nominate someone who facilitated change in your outlook and helped you along the co-parenting and stepfamily roads of life, send your contact information and short story about your 2011 nominee with his or her contact information
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.Contact: Tricia Powe, 951  313-1984
Let's Blend Cookbook seeks recipe contributors across the USA
Corona, Calif. July 24, 2011.  One Southern California mom-prenuer with a philanthropic heart knows the pulse of the moms, dads, and stepparents she serves because she is a lifetime stepfamily member.  After appearing in the Press Enterprise story January 10, 2008, about mortgage insiders being out of work, and after losing their family home, Tricia Powe transformed her part-time passion of helping co-parenting households into a full-time position for her own service organization in 2009. "The best things are created out of need - which is the upside of down," she shares, "and not allowing this down economy to stump our dreams forced me to be creative when it came to fund raising without asking for monetary donations."
Powe's husband has been keeping StepfamilySystems available, but he lost his job in January of this year. The families supported by her organization can seldom afford the services they want or need such a family or individual therapy, and academic tutoring for their children whose academic delays are often related more to distraction than to learning difficulties. Co-parenting and stepfamily specific insights and strategies, like that provided by Powe's organization through story-telling in a drama series and low-cost enrollment in Blended Family Home Living, gives all co-parenting adults a place to start and plan their success. She is a member of the Riverside Nonprofit Resource Center and walked away discouraged after realizing she is competing for the same grant money as larger, more established organizations. Instead of giving up, the Let's Blend - Stepfamily Recipes and Co-Parenting Cookbook project has been established to help not only her organization with funding, but also recipe-contributing organizations, businesses and individuals.
In lieu of cash, this organization is asking for recipes to create a [multiple volume] cookbook which also highlights the kitchen traditions and helps draw families together. There will be a section for individuals and another for children and family organizations, corporations, and small businesses that care about the outcomes of stepfamilies which bear the burden of having a higher divorce rate than first marriages. Newspapers circulate a few days, magazines circulate for a few months, but recipes and cookbooks are handed down for generations. Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook/s will help the organization complete their 501c3, nonprofit status and expand their outreach through their unique brand of support with its entertaining twist. For more information, contact (951) 313-1984.

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Contact: Tricia Powe, (951) 313-1984


 Earn a tax deduction while cleaning house! 

Corona, Calif.  July 1, 2011. The next time western Riverside County residents and businesses are tempted to call for a storage pick up, or a donation truck, they can consider the benefits of a tax deduction and the benefit donating items to a young organization for their on-going, on-line silent auction to earn funding for their co-parenting and stepfamily programs.


In a challenging economy, many service providers from individual practices and organizations are striving to serve clients who can ill-afford the assistance needed to keep their families together. StepfamilySystems in Corona, Calif., will be taking donations of immediately usable items for their silent auction to help fund their programs and outreach efforts.


Tricia Powe, Mediator & President of StepfamilySystems.com is expanding the website this fall with the launch of Blended Family Home Living in just a few weeks. It is comprised of several premium pages with benefits, namely Shared-Parenting and Stepfamily Assimilation Management (SAM) Planning and their most unique brand of entertaining support through story telling in a print drama series called A Richter Blend - Shared-Parenting and Stepfamily Chronicles. With her husband out of work, Powe picked up a second job to supplement family income and she can no longer manage all the responsibilities of the website and provide support to families on her own. After a funding shortfall for the 2010 Shared Parenting and Stepfamily Conference, Powe hopes to raise enough money for the 2012 Conference through this project as well to be held at the Anaheim Marriott Suites, one-mile away from the Disneyland Resort.


Funds from the auction will help pay for a new website design that can transform pages into a full, on-line resource, and to hire staff. If you would like to contribute to its unique brand of non-confrontational support of children living in co-parenting households by supporting their biological and step parents, Tricia Powe (951) 313-1984.

Contact Tricia Powe, 951- 313-1984
Fund-raising is "in the can" for Stepfamily Straight Talk
Corona, Calif. March 1, 2011.  In a challenging economy, everyone has a tighter grip on their wallets and more watchful eye on their bank accounts, but that did not deter the owner of an innovative service-based website from accepting an offer from a Chicago based Internet radio station to host her own show. Tricia Powe, Mediator and President of an Inland Empire based company supporting co-parenting and stepfamily moms, dads, and stepparents across the United States and beyond, needs to upgrade her computer system to host Stepfamily Straight Talk under the mentoring of Brad Saul at Matrix Media who has shared company with Lorna Gladstone of WGN, Chicago.
After not being able to sell their home with a history of mold which cost them their savings, and then losing it to foreclosure the day after Christmas in 2008, Powe's husband, 57, has lost two jobs to company downsizing and closure since April of last year. He has supported his wife's work since she offered her first six week class to parents and stepparents in 1990, as announced in The Sun newspaper. With the economic pressures coming down harder on child-support paying households, Powe's website is steadily garnering several thousand hits monthly from people seeking strategies to succeed.  Together with seeking broadcast and website sponsors, Powe has put together a recycling fund-raiser. She will arrange to pick up bottles and cans from Inland Empire businesses and corporations within a 20 mile drive of Corona upon receiving a phone call.
Through this, Powe hopes to provide work for her son, and others having a hard time finding work that will accommodate a college schedule, who is hoping to attend Cal Baptist University this fall. If you or someone you know would be interested in donating your bottles and cans to the programs of StepfamilySystems.com which provide a unique brand of support through an entertaining twist call (951) 313- 1984