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 Enjoy A Richter Blend, Shared-Parenting & Stepfamily Chronicles,

our unique brand of support with its entertaining twist!

   Five writers with different styles & perspectives, recording the stories of three primary families. Their stories can stand alone or be read together. StepfamilySystems Parental Alienation short stories describe the unseen adversary of stepfamily and co-parenting success. 

   There is one main, inland-coastal town called Port Hills. Three writers have been divorced and remarried. A fourth writer who started our as a childless stepmom later joined the ranks of biological motherhood, too. There is one youth perspective story teller. Today, four are married standing by their men. The past has another story to tell. Those experiences and that of others who have shared their stories on playgrounds and park lawns, are all reflected in lives of the characters you will love to love, hate to love, and love to hate!
   Longest marriage - 26 years and going strong. Shortest marriage - we won't say. . .  Age range of our writers: 68 to 20. These are true-to-life stories laced with insights and tips to succeed. Open the doors by clicking on their previews to find our families in different stages of co-parenting during separation (Coopertons), Divorce (Vera), and discovery - falling in love (Grey):
StepfamilySystems.com special, Parental Alienation Short Stories

A RiChTeR BLeNd 

Gray Westcott Story - with a hint of spice.
Normandy-Randall Story - with a splash of "can do".
Cooperton's Story - with the crush of betrayal.