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      Shared parenting after divorce or the death of a parent has its challenges, especially when remarriage has a rebellious teenager, unruly stepchildren, uncooperative ex-husbands, ex-wives or insecure stepmoms or impatient stepfathers enter the equation. Is your child's other parent or extended-family relatives interfering with child custody arrangements or are you have trouble with custodial transitions once everyone is home? The blended-family wedding leaves many couples-in-step desperately wanting stepfamily help within weeks or a few months. Fear of being seen as a failure to friends and family, or of opening up to a therapist keep many from getting the support they want and often desperately need; we're here to change that! We provide stablizing ground for post-divorce and remarried moms, dads, and stepparents.

picturegallery753639518193723382.tmp/Ethan.jpg  It is estimated that one out of every 10 children will experience two divorces of the custodial parent before he or she turns 16 (Furstenberg, 1988).


  • StepfamilySystems.com believes a failed divorce occurs when goals associated with getting divorced are not realized, leaving parties of the dissolved marriage less likely to co-parent smoothly. The emotional divorce is incomplete or fails to meet expectations, leaving unsettling thoughts to persistently challenge peace of mind. Stress and conflict continue and may face increased intensity through resentment of shared-parenting influences and reduced control of the children's upbringing as well as a fear of loss of importance in the children's lives, which can disrupt the post-divorce adjustment, distract and weaken focus and academic performance of children and youth. We believe this definition is a root cause of parental alienation behaviors which often fuel high-conflict co-parenting.


          Do you have concerns regarding joint custody because you fear child neglect or abuse when the kids are not with you? Do you have stepchildren who do not like you or whose behavior you do not like? Just plain tired of things as they are today?  We invite you to compare the numerous costs of litigating for peace over our unique, advance planning option. So ahead of its time, it's creator won Who's Who recognitions in 1994 and 2005. Because we have been there, we get it. Because of our training, and education through our research, we avoid the biases personal insights alone can produce. Because we network with caring professionals, we have connections to important referrals if you choose to exercise them after your Shared-Parentind and Stepfamily Assimilation planning, also known as a SAM Plan, is complete.



  Entering our 3rd year as a member of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.
  Entering our 2nd year as a member of The Nonprofit Resouce Center at the Volunteer Center of Riverside County.
  New member of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. 


A note about Parental Alienation: While parental alienation behaviors are a real, many parents are getting on the destructive bandwagon when, in fact, they are facing customary challenges of post-divorce & stepfamily transitions; it takes time for the new normal to feel safe and comfortable, peacefully accepted as the way it is - differences and all. We encourage you to be careful not to take on the attitude of someone else's fear or experience. Divorce and remarriage is seldom easy; complicating matters could delay the best outcome for your children.  

Fathers, mothers and stepparents have a place to share their co-parenting experiences. Many surveys are merely site-bait, but our survey has been designed with the help of a forensic psychologist and will be used for a Doctoral Dissertation and to report on the collective results of the information after research methods have been applied to create statistical data to elicit change on all levels of service to the families of children with parents in two households.                                                                                                                                                   




Patience. Perseverance. Purpose. Prayer.

ot all stepfamilies blend - many feel they are in a constant tug-of-war.
 Take a healing journey thru >> A Richter Blend, Stepfamily Chronicles << where you will meet the characters of the fictional town of Port Hills. You will follow their
 true-to-life journeys of separation, divorce, remarriage and more. You are given tips and insights about shared parenting and stepfamily life as you witness their journeys.


             The series returns August 30, 2011, along with SAM Planning included in the group benefits of enrollment. Note the date! What happens when Steven and Sterling come face-to-face at the Little League park? Will Grey Wescott choose to wrap her heart around a man and his children packaged with a former spouse whose reputation precedes her? Will Vera help or hinder Katherine's adjustment to a new normal? Live, gain new insights, and laugh with us and our Port Hills families.



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Our Specialty: Shared Parenting and Stepfamily Assimilation Management(SAM) Planning (Strategy Planning & Consulting)
accomplished through group rates in our very own Blended Family Home Living or by appointment for individual, fee-based planning; your choice.  
THe BFHL experience also provides access to our unique brand of support through story telling in A Richter Blend - Stepfamily and Co-parenting Chronicles.

Also included is access to our additional premium pages - Man-Cave Passages, Chats in the Ladies Lounge, and our special children and youth pages Bad credit history? Payday loans for bad credit and without fax, instant approval!

The Connection Groups have been designed to operate by donation only. The groups provide dedicated group facilitators who care for your success as a shared-parenting and/or stepfamily mom, dad, or stepparent. Grandparent groups also encouraged. Create activies to facilitate creating shared family memories, participate in legal activism, learn about ways you can be the difference you desire for your children's lives. Perhaps, you will want to become a group leader.